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Flexo Analysis Instruments - BetaFlex Pro Flexo Plate & Halftone Image Analyzer & More

BetaFlex Pro Flexo Plate & Image Analyzer

From the BetaFlex Pro with its revolutionary 3D Dot Structure Imaging and Analysis for HD Flexo, Color Separation Analysis, and Image Overlay Functions to the entry level and affordably priced Betaflex Control and BetaFlex Control Universal, there’s a Betaflex to fit every need, level, and budget.

BetaFlex Pro Version 6.0 Software Upgrade Software Adds Unique New Features 
  • Upgrade your existing Betaflex Pro to measure the latest surface screening technologies
  • View 3D images with increased high resolution
  • Improvements for measuring white ink mottle on transparent film
  • Improvements for measuring metal backed plates 

Version 6 brings numerous new features, improvements, and usability enhancements to the world’s most popular flexo analyzer. 

NEW! Workflow Automation - Your high volume, multi-plant production will save time, money and materials by automating your workflow with BetaFlex Pro's money saving upgrade to your BetaFlex Pro. 

Workflow Automation (part of the FlexoEyePlus Software suite) streamlines and systemizes plate production: 

  • Identification
  • Analysis 
  • System setup 
  • Reporting of all plate production parameters

Betaflex HR - High Resolution for Micro-Structure Analysis provides an easy and accurate method to analyze flexo plate solid- and dot-surface Micro-structures at 43,000 ppi.  Micro-Structure patterns greatly improve ink transfer and dot fidelity, these patterns and textures are sensitive to variations in mask exposure and plate processing. They benefit from the same process control techniques provided by the BetaFlex Pro but require much higher magnification and resolution as provided by the BetaFlex HR.

See the BetaFold Crease & Fold Analyzers and BetaCorr Corrugated Analyzer both new and unique instruments for quality control measurement of crease, bead, channel width, depth, angles, and symmetry.

Beta Electronic Rulers, provide precise, non-contact measurements of large and small distances on Films, Plates, Dies, and Prints.

All BetaFlex Analyzers include a FREE BetaColor Viewer 3 (Value $439). The BetaColor Viewer 3 is the industry standard for critical CMYK color evaluation and is recognized by all segments of the industry with more than 20,000 units sold. View colors enhanced with LED's in high contrast. Yellow and other colors appear virtually black. 


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