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BetaColor Viewer Model 3 - Visual LED CMYK Color Separation & Magnification



With Over 25,000 + units sold, the BetaColor Viewer series is the industry standard for visual color evaluation and is the improved replacement for all earlier versions of the BetaColor Viewer series. 

Visual color separation that incorporates contrasting LED's to replace earlier bulbs and analysis to correct ink, toner, paper, substrate issues in production. 

No more bulbs to replace, ever, with newer BetaColor LED technology.



EASILY  SEE,  ISOLATE  &  CORRECT; Slur,  Doubling, Ink/Water Balance, Registration, Trapping & More.  SEE the nearly invisible yellow and other colors with contrasting LED illumination.   

SIMPLE AND STRAIGHTFORWARD TO USE, just place the BetaColor Viewer over the area to be viewed and press the color coded button to contrast the color you wish to see, see attached manual.

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"On a press approval, reading proofs or checking press sheets I reach for my color viewer constantly. A loop will not cut it for me anymore."
Purchased my Color viewer 4 years ago and can contest that this is a low maintenance device with superb dot and color viewing. I have to remind myself to plug it in every now and then, have gone months without charging.

"I would recommend the BetaColor Viewer 3 to anyone who is serious about print and color quality.
See what you have been missing!" 

Ron Premo
Printing Development / Prepress Manager
Prolamina – A Division of ProAmpac
Westfield, MA 

SEE Fluorescence & Metamerism in inks, papers, and coatings.

Measure and correct press sheets, proofs, films, plates, etc.  

PROTECT Your Press Runs & Profits From Costly Rejections

*Magnifications range from 10X-100X

*50X or higher recommended for line rulings of 175 lpi (69 l/cm) or higher.

The most commonly purchased is the 50X. 


IMPROVEMENTS & COMPARISON: BetaColor Viewer 3 to BetaColor Viewer 2 (pdf)

  • TREMENDOUS SAVINGS with BetaColor Viewer 3. Replacement of Tungsten/Halogen bulbs of the BetaColor Viewer 2 (cost $29 USD) with LED's that never need replacement and are warranted for 7-years!

  • 800% GREATER BATTERY LIFE FROM A SINGLE CHARGE due to much more energy efficient LED’s.

  • Included Free 10X Optic (Value $62) with all purchases of BCV 3 with microscope 

  • New UV Light Source To View Metamerism, (light influenced color shifts in inks and papers). Similar to the UV setting in a, "Light Booth", but in a handheld. (BCV 3).

  • Easy change magnetic fastening plate for all optics, quick mount and change of all optics. (BCV 3)




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