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BetaColor Viewer Model 3 - Visual CMYK Color Separation & Magnification


With Over 25,000 + units sold, the BetaColor Viewer series is the industry standard for visual color separation and analysis to correct ink, toner, paper, substrate issues in production. 

EASILY  SEE,  ISOLATE  &  CORRECT  Slur,  Doubling, Ink/Water Balance, Registration, Trapping & More.  SEE the nearly invisible yellow and other colors with contrasting LED illumination. 


"On a press approval, reading proofs or checking press sheets I reach for my color viewer constantly. A loop will not cut it for me anymore.
Purchased my Color viewer 4 years ago and can contest that this is a low maintenance device with superb dot and color viewing. I have to remind myself to plug it in every now and then, have gone months without charging.
I would recommend the Beta Color Viewer III to anyone who is serious about print and color quality.

See what you have been missing!" 

Ron Premo
Printing Development / Prepress Manager
Prolamina – A Division of ProAmpac
Westfield, MA 


SEE fluorescence & Metamerism in inks, papers, and coatings.

Measure and correct press sheets, proofs, films, plates, etc.  

PROTECT Your Press Runs & Profits From Costly Rejections

*Magnifications range from 10X-100X

*50X or higher recommeneded for line rulings of 175 lpi (69 l/cm) or higher.

The most commonly purchased is the 50X. 

BetaColor Viewer 3 to BetaColor Viewer 2

  • TREMENDOUS SAVINGS with BetaColor Viewer 3. Replacement of Tungsten/Halogen bulbs of the BetaColor Viewer 2 (cost $29 USD) with LED's that never need replacement and are warranted for 7-years!
  • 800% GREATER BATTERY LIFE FROM A SINGLE CHARGE due to much more energy efficient LED’s.
  • Included Free 10X Optic (Value $62) with all purchases of BCV 3 with microscope. New, portable, fitted hard plastic carrying case with handle.
  • New UV Light Source To View Metamerism, (light influenced color shifts in inks and papers). Similar to the UV setting in a, "Light Booth", but in a handheld. (BCV 3).
  • Easy change magnetic fastening plate for all optics, quick mount and change of all optics. (BCV 3)




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