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Beta’s 10-Day Free Trial Policy

We thank you for your interest in our products.

Beta is pleased to offer our products to you through our 10-Day Free Trial Policy and want to make ordering and using our products as easy as possible for you.

Please note the following when ordering any Beta product using the 10-Day Free Trail Policy. 

  • The 10-Day Trial time period on our products begins when you receive our product(s) as verified by tracking as provided by common carrier, Federal Express, UPS, etc., and does not include shipping times to and from their destination. Regardless of how long it takes to get to you or to get back to us, these times are not included in the 10-Day Trial Period. 
  • Please note that all orders placed are assumed to be standard orders, non-trials, unless specifically stated to be a 10-Day Trial by the customer at the time the order is placed. ALL 10-Day Trials must be specifically ordered as trials at the time the trial is made either through the "Notes / Special Instructions" section of the ordering page, or by email to us at that time. Items not ordered specifically as "Trials" and returned to us may be subject to 25% restock fees.
  • Costs for shipping both outbound (to you) and back to us are the responsibility of the customer. The outbound shipping to you is charged at our normal rates as shown on our website, if you have any questions please contact us.
  • While most items are available to you for immediate shipment, items ordered as “specials”; items not normally kept by Beta Industries as stock items that need to be ordered specifically for your trial, may be substituted with a comparable variant of this item(s) for the purpose of your evaluation of the product after discussion and notification to you. After discussion and agreement with you, these items may be ordered with costs to cover this order as a “special” item, example; 1 mm apertures for BetaColor Densitometers (non-stock item). Alternately, if the exact item you ordered for trial is not conveniently available,   we may suggest a substitute version of this item for the purposes of the trial only, example; a standard aperture BetaColor Densitometer (stock item) as opposed to a specially ordered 1 mm BetaColor Densitometer (non-stock item), also see above.
  • Please note that while we do our best to make as many products available for 10-Day Free Trials as we can, not all products may be available for trial or immediately available for trial.  
  • ALL 10-Day Trials are fully supported by Beta Industries and we are glad to answer any questions that you may have before, during, or after the 10-Day Free Trial when you contact us at 800-272-7336 (USA and Canada) or at 201-939-2400 (Est 9 am – 5 pm). Email:

Please let us know if you have any questions and enjoy your 10-Day Free Trial

707 Commercial Ave. Carlstadt, NJ 07072 United States 800-272-7336

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