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BetaColor Densitometers - LED Technology, Superior Performance, Super Affordable

BetaColor Densitometers & Spectros - The Advantages of LED Technology from $1,499 - $3,149 

BetaColor Densitometers are extremely affordable and utilize the latest advances in LED Technology to provide the user with 24-7-365, 100% reliability in units that are the most affordable, see our BetaColor Presto at $1,499, but also the most user friendly, with most functions being completely automatic and intuitive for the user. 

BetaColor Densitometers provide an incredible 1,000,000 measurements and years of continuous service from 2 common “AA” batteries.

Recalibration is extremely rare, due to the efficiency and stability of their LED’s. Fast, 1/10 second, and efficient are only two of the words that best describe BetaColor Densitometers. Never worry again about lengthy recharging downtime or cumbersome rechargers; they have been eliminated. 


BetaColor S Series (see also DensiEye)

BetaColor S2 XPress - Perfect for the 2-Color Press

BetaColor S4 XPress - Automatic density, dot gain (3 points), gray balance, & Trapping rotation


Presto Densitometers


A Best Price, Full Spectro at $3,149 - Limited Promotional Price Normally $3,499

Beta Industries announces the latest member of their PRESTO line of color control instruments, the new Best Priced, "PRESTO SPECTRO" is an LED based Spectro-Densitometer that delivers... 

BetaColor Presto - Compare against ANY OTHER UNIT, $1,499 GIVES YOU Auto density, dot gain, gray balance, spot color matching


BetaColor Presto Delta E - Auto density, dot gain, gray balance, spot color matching, & Delta E ($2,499) 

BetaColor Presto Spectro (Spectro-Dens) The MOST AFFORDABLE Full featured spectro-densitometer with L*a*b*, Lch, Gray Balance, SCTV (Spot Color Tone Value), density, dot gain, & More at $3,149 (promotional price) 


 Advantages of BetaColor LED Densitometers

  • LED Technology for Superior Speed, (1/10 of a second measuring) and Mechanical Reliability,

  • 1,000,000 Measurements Per two AA Alkaline Battery Set, No Charger Or Cables Necessary,

  • NO Calibration/Recalibration - Due to Superior Stability of LED's to Tungsten Halogen.

  • Ease of Use - All primary features automatic, no buttons or scrolling.

  • GREEN / RED Traffic Lights show when measurements are to your programmed standard. 

  • Superior 7-Year Warranties on LED's.

  • FREE 10-DAY TRIAL (U.S. & Canada)

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BetaColor LED’s and other components rarely need the service or replacement found in other units. This helps to eliminate costly and lengthy repair cycles where your densitometer is out of the shop, costing hundreds of dollars, while you wait. This makes the actual cost of ownership over the lifetime of your BetaColor Densitometer almost the same as the day you purchased it. 

Features such as density, multiple point dot gain, gray balance, and trapping are completely automatic, no scrolling or menu lookups needed. Simply measure your desired target to achieve your desired measurement. 

All BetaColor Densitometers are available for you to try before you buy through our 10-Day Free Trial Program and include a FREE Betamag 12X magnifier with dual LED illumination. This is one of our best selling magnifiers and provides the user with crystal clear, image and color distortion free viewing and has a value $109. 

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