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Price $ 3,499.00

BetaColor Densitometers & Spectros - Easy & Affordable from $1,999 - $3,499 

Straight Forward, User Friendly, Production Oriented Press Densitometers & Spectro-Densitometers 

LED Technology, Use 24-7-365 WITHOUT Recharging and Recalibration


Advanced, Affordable, Easy-to-Use 


Included With Your Purchase is our Best Selling Betamag 12x With Dual LED's, A $119 Value!  Metal & Glass (4-element lens for perfect color & distortion free view) folding magnifier.  


The Best Priced PRESTO SPECTRO is an LED based Spectro-Densitometer at $3,499, compare to others at $6,500+, that operates 24-7-365 WITHOUT recharging for an incredible 50,000 measurements from two common "AA" batteries, or the need for recalibration due to superior LED technology.


FEATURES: L*a*b*, Delta E (2000 & 76-ab), Lch, automatic color and gray balance detection, Density, Dot gain, Trapping Order (first and second color order, opacity, SCTV (Spot Color Tone Value), see below



IT IS THE EASIEST, MOST USER FRIENDLY, & INTUITIVE SPECTRO available with all features found quickly and easily by the user.



COMPARE PRICING to other Spectro-Densitometers such as the X-Rite eXact "Standard" or the Techkon SpectroDens Color Advanced for features, value, and price and try the "Presto Spectro" for Free Through our 10-Day Free Trial Program. 



  • L*a*b*

  • Delta E (2000 & 76-ab)

  • Lch

  • Gray Balance, Density, Dot gain, Trapping Order (first and second color order

  • Opacity

  • SCTV (Spot Color Tone Value), see below

  • 32 color "on board" Color Library, optional "Presto Connect Software" extended database software for thousands of color references with job references and more

  • Flashing LED "Traffic Lights" - GREEN for Good (in tolerance) or RED for out of tolerance flash when press measurements conform to your preset tolerances programmed by YOU into the Presto Spectro so you can easily understand and make corrections in production. 

Download Brochure

Download Brochure (Spanish)

Download Presto Spectro Manual

Download Presto Spectro Manual (Spanish)


All Moving Parts and Expensive to Replace Incandescent Bulbs Found in Other Units Have Been REPLACED with Super Efficient LEDs (7-year warranty). This minimizes power consumption while extending battery life to an incredible 250,000 measurements from four AA alkaline batteries.


The NEW SPOT COLOR TONE VALUE (SCTV) Unique Beta Feature, especially important for the packaging sector, accurately shows Spot color dot gain, and produces precise numerical results that match the visual appearance.


Extensive research within the industry has led to the development of the Spot Color Tone Value, ISO CD 20654, now available exclusively in the Beta PRESTO Spectro.  SCTV gives reliable, believable results where other instruments fail.


Try it through Beta's 10-Day Free Trial Program

Beta PRESTO SPECTRO Features & Benefits

  • Automatic Density, Dot Gain, Balance, and Trapping
  • Delta E (2000 & 76), Lab, Lch, & SCTV (Spot Color Tone Value, especially important for Packaging) 
  • 50,000 measurements from high efficiency LED's, months of use from simple AA batteries
  • Color Libraries - 32 Colors on board, 30,000 available with the optional PrestoConnect Software, also see information below

Benefits to Your Operation

  • Affordable, $3,499, and easy to use assures fast ROI
  • Paper white high resolution display offers high contrast and low power draw
  • User-definable color libraries speed up repeat work
  • Low profile, 1.66" / 42 mm to the table or console for added stability in a tough, rugged pressroom instrument for 24/7/365 continuous
  • Unlimited technical support and our worry-free warranty (2-two years)


PrestoConnect Color Library Management Software



Purchase PrestoConnect Software Separately (click here)

PrestoConnect User Manual

PrestoConnect Database Software allows the user to create, collect, and manage an unlimited number of colors in conjunction with the new Beta PrestoSpectro portable spectrodensitometer.

The database organizes the work by Color, Customer, and Job making it easy for production personnel to use and understand the system.

Physical samples are measured with the instrument and automatically written to the database with Lab and Density values, a user-entered color name, and delta E and density tolerances.  A representation of the color is generated on-screen for confirmation to the operator.  Once the sample is measured the operator has the option to accept the entry, as shown here.  

Once the color sample is named and accepted it becomes part of the List of Colors as shown below. 


Calibration Certification of Your Densitometer or Spectro for Internal Quality Assurance, ISO Compliance, Recommended Every 2-years (click here)


    About Beta's 10-Day Free Trial for this product, Click Here.

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