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Order Any Densitometer or Spectro-Densitometer & Get a FREE Betamag 12x with LED's $119 Value!

by Beta Industries
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FREE BETAMAG 12x Wide Field Folding Loupe with Powerful, Bright Light, Dual LED's a $119 VALUE!

Beta's best selling, flat field, distortion free magnifier is FREE with your order of any densitometer or spectro-densitometer from our secure shopping cart. 

With a 4-element glass lens the Betamag 12x w/Dual LED's is the perfect tool for viewing print or anything else you need to see in high quality. Distortion free and flat field means the you will see the same high quality image regardless of where you stand in relation to it.

No more bending forward to adjust the view and focus in relation to the magnifier. Once the focus is set, simply lock it in with the adjustment ring for a perfect, illuminated image. 


All 10 day trials must be specified when the order is placed.

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