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Price $ 2,499.00

BetaColor Densitometers & Spectros - Easy & Affordable from $1,999 - $3,499 


Straight Forward, User Friendly, Production Oriented Press Densitometers & Spectro-Densitometers 

LED Technology, Use 24-7-365 WITHOUT Recharging and Recalibration


FEATURES: Delta E, Density, Dot gain, Automatic color and gray balance detection, Magic Color Match spot to process matching


Included With Your Purchase is our Best Selling Betamag 12x With Dual LED's, A $119 Value!  Metal & Glass (4-element lens for perfect color & distortion free view) folding magnifier.  

BetaColor PRESTO DELTA E DENSITOMETER Advanced & Super Affordable


The Easiest and Most Economical Way to Measure & Control

  • Measure Delta E (compare to others at $4,500+)
  • Density
  • Dot Gain
  • Gray Balance
  • Spot to Color Matching - Magic Color Match (tm)
  • Measure Offset Plates

BetaColor PRESTO Delta E Colorimeter

At $2,499 the BetaColor PRESTO Delta E is an easy-to-use press room densitometer that provides Delta E (dE2000) at essentially half the cost of other units but also with an important difference. 




Your customers reward you with repeat business based on price, service, and the quality of your color match.  You don’t get compliments for running at the proper density, no one is interested if your dot gain is just right, and gray balance won‘t sway the print buyer.  The quality of your color match to the proof, the corporate color, or the customer’s sample determines the success of the job.

Color match is no longer a subjective evaluation or an expert opinion.  Until recently, costly and complicated spectrophotometers operated by highly skilled technicians were needed to collect spectral reflectance data and determine L*a*b* coordinates.  Software calculated the distance between two points in three-dimensional color space and the color difference, delta E, or dE2000 was determined.

The new Betacolor PRESTO Delta E is a portable and affordable instrument that puts color difference information in the hands of the operator on the production floor.  The large, clear display automatically shows the delta E value between the reference and the sample.  With the touch of a button the operator sees the density correction needed to bring the appearance within tolerance.  The operator’s job is simplified, waste is minimized, and the color match meets the customer’s requirements.

Verifying the appearance of the job with the delta E function and controlling the print process with the density and dot gain functions gives the operator everyting needed for a perfect job. 

Take advantage of the efficiency of gray balance control and the G7 methodology to keep process work within specs.  Our exclusive Magic Color Match simplifies special color control and keeps them on target. 

Exclusive New Features

  • Easy Glide Track
  • Target area is always easy to see
  • Never touches wet ink
  • Low profile (1.34" / 34 mm) is stable, won't fall off a sloping console


  • Large, clear, high contrast display
  • Bold numbers are always easy to read
  • Flashing color indicators show the measurement channel
  • Avoids visual fatigue and operator errors



  • Automatic delta E display
  • Automatic Paper, Density, and Dot Gain Target Recognition
  • Relative Density / Absolute Density
  • Two Dot Gain Target Values
  • Check digital proofs and digital prints, large-format output and labels, offset, flexo, gravure, and screen process easily and accurately.  ?
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Two Year All-Inclusive Warranty
  • Seven Year Warranty on LED Light Source and Filters

The Betacolor PRESTO delta E brings high precision color control within reach of every shop and every operator.  The compact new design and unique Easy Glide Track make it easy to get on target for both right- and left-handed operators.  The low center of gravity makes it stable on a sloping console and immune to being bumped off a table.  The ergonomic design is efficient and comfortable for use by all operators.

Delta E puts the simplicity and efficiency of color difference control to work verifying and controlling critical color jobs. Measure a control patch on the OK sheet or proof and lock in all four process color densities with one touch of a button.  Measure the patch as the job runs and instantly see the color difference as delta E and needed correction as density deviation from the target values.

The bold, high-contrast display is easy to see and easy to understand. The high-efficiency electronics provide over 500,000 measurements on a set of AA batteries.  This eliminates the need for chargers and cables that can brake or misplaced.


Calibration Certification of Your Densitometer or Spectro for Internal Quality Assurance, ISO Compliance, Recommended Every 2-years (click here)


About Beta's 10-Day Free Trial for this product, Click Here.



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