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BetaCorr Corrugated Analyzer - Control The Process for Better Printing

by Beta Industries
Price $ 6,900.00

The BetaCorr Corrugated Analyzer (unique Beta Product) repeatably measures all critical corrugating production parameters to help you produce a better, more profitable product for your customers while reducing rejects and unusable product.

Flute profile, creasing, and washboard for high end/high value corrugated packaging; POP displays, apparel, wine, consumer, gift packaging, electronics boxes, and more can all easily be recognized and corrected. 
The BetaCorr Corrugated Analyzer brings washboard effect, cockling, and fluting defects that spoil the product's appearance under control, and helps you consistently produce a better, more profitable product.  

The BetaCorr Analyzer's optical analysis method offers the corrugated packaging industry the same advantages now enjoyed by the folding carton and flexo sectors.  

The BetaCorr uses structured illumination, anamorphic imaging, and automatic image stitching and analysis combine what have always been mutually exclusive properties; vertical resolution better than 0.0005 inch and a field of view  greater than 1.5 inches, offering extremely high sensitivity to height variations and the ability to measure the coarsest fluting.  Operation is simple and intuitive for the production worker, the data and images are automatically collected and analyzed to satisfy the most critical QC manager. The success of any packaging is critically linked to its appearance. The appearance of your packaging is the only possibility to make your product stand out from all the others. The many advantages of corrugated in strength, weight, and environmental friendliness are immediately lost when washboard effect, cockling, and fluting defects spoil its appearance.  The BetaCorr brings these defects under control and helps you produce a better and more profitable product.
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