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BetaFlex Pro Version 4 Software Upgrade & High Dynamic Range Capture

by Beta Screen Corporation
Price $ 1,000.00

BetaFlex Pro Software Upgrade for Serial Numbers 0699 and Before

Click Here to download the Version 4 Software if you have already purchased a license code for the Betaflex Pro Version 4 Upgrade

Be sure to include your Betaflex Pro Serial Number in the Order Notes section when placing an order for this upgrade.

The BetaFlex Pro's Software Upgrade Adds Unique New Features 

  • Upgrade your existing Betaflex Pro to measure the latest surface screening technologies

  • View 3D images with increased high resolution  

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a. Measure all variants of the latest surface screening technologies. These high resolution patterns are applied to solid and halftone dots alike, improving ink transfer, reducing dot gain, and creating better solids with less mottle. 

- This feature is useful to show the benefits of advanced surface screening technologies from ESKO, Dupont, Kodak, Macdermid, and others, imaging with a portable, laboratory grade instrument. 

b. HDRC (High Dynamic Range Capture) in 3D Dot Shape Mode. This function captures multiple exposures of the same feature and automatically selects images that carry the greatest detail. A compound image is then created and displayed on screen.

- This feature can be useful for technical experts to better SEE how adjustments to the various process parameters affect the finished product.

You may upgrade your software for a charge of $1,000.  Contact us to obtain a software license for your BetaFlex Pro.

Another important feature in this software release is compatibility with the Betaflex HR High Resolution system for control and diagnosis of advanced cell patterning techniques. One computer can now simultaneously run the BetaFlex Pro for mask, 2D and 3D plate analysis, and print measurement and the Betaflex HR for surface screening control on masks and plates.

Be sure to include your Betaflex Pro Serial Number in the Order Notes section when placing an order for this update.

Click Here to download the Version 4 Software.


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