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Presto Spectro PrestoConnect Software

by Beta Screen Corporation SALE
Price $ 900.00 $ 1,000.00

PrestoConnect Database Software allows the user to create, collect, and manage an unlimited number of colors in conjunction with the new Beta PrestoSpectro portable spectrodensitometer.

The database organizes the work by Color, Customer, and Job making it easy for production personnel to use and understand the system.

Physical samples are measured with the instrument and automatically written to the database with Lab and Density values, a user-entered color name, and delta E and density tolerances.  A representation of the color is generated on-screen for confirmation to the operator.  Once the sample is measured the operator has the option to accept the entry, as shown here.  



Once the color sample is named and accepted it becomes part of the List of Colors as shown below. 


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