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The BetaFlex Pro2 Flexo Plate & Image Analyzer is Beta's 3rd generation Betaflex flexo image analyzer in a history that of more than 25+ years with the introduction of the first Betaflex Systems for image based analysis. 

The BetaFlex Pro and Betaflex Pro2 Flexo Plate & Image Analyzers have a variety of options to streamline your Flexo Image and Print Analysis for simplified integration and data collection in your production workflow.


SEE THE NEW BetaFlex Pro2 Flexo Plate & Image Analyzer! The Best Just Got Better! 


FlexoEyePlus Software Streamlined Automatic Data Collector & Report Generator for BetaFlex Pro. The optional software guides the operator to collect just the plate data needed.


  • Identification

  • Analysis 

  • System setup 

  • Reporting of all plate production parameters



FlexiGage Plate Micrometer - Measure Plate Gauge & Relief

Measures plate gauge and relief of thermal, aqueous, solvent, and direct ablation plates. Optionally, all FlexiGage Micrometer measurements can be added directly to BetaFlex Pro FlexoEyePlus Software to generate production reports and maintain your ongoing production database.


    • FlexiGage Micrometer & Software

      Digital Plate Micrometer &  FlexoEyePlus Software seamlessly integrates measurements of gauge, depth, relief into professional reports for ISO and customer compliance.

    • FlexiGage for BetaFlex Pro2 and Sleeve Adaptor, used with Betaflex Pro(1) Sleeve Adaptor for Flexo Sleeves.                         


    BetaFlex Pro XXL Long Arm System or Adaptor for LARGE Plates

    The BetaFlex Pro measuring head is mounted on the end of the XXL Long Arm allowing measurement into the center of the plates for plates as large as 60 inches / 1500 mm.

    The BetaFlex Pro XXL Long Arm System or Adapter, if you already own a BetaFlex Pro system, has an extended table with a built in transmission light source and a support arm to for measurements 30 inches (750 mm) in from the edge of the plate, mask, or film. 


      BetaFlex Pro Roll Mount - View and document plate wear and damage while the plate is still on press and mounted. The Betaflex Pro measuring head attaches to the Roll Mount, and is mounted onto the plate. 

      The Roll Mount Adaptor for Betaflex Pro Sensor to measure plate wear on press & web print samples.


      BetaFlex Pro Software Upgrades  (Version 6)

      The Newest Updates to the BetaFlex Pro Software Always Offers Many New Features and Connectivity to bring up your BetaFlex Pro hardware up to date with the most current software which is simply done by downloading the software from our website and activating with a customized code specifically for your device. 




      BetaFlex Pro Sleeve Measuring System

      Enjoy all the benefits and the newest technology of the BetaFlex Pro in your in-the-round sleeve production workflow. 

      Measure Sleeves-In-The-Round for dot percentage in 2D as well as for 3D dot structure.     


            BetaFlex Pro 2-Year Calibration / Certification

            BetaFlex Pro 24 Month / 2-year Calibration Certification for Your Internal Quality Control, ISO and Other Certification Requirements

            Built into your BetaFlex Pro system is a calibration-check feature that allows the operator to verify and document the status of the device while it is within the initial 24 month / 2-year factory calibration and warranty period.

            At the end of the initial two year calibration period, and every two years thereafter, your BetaFlex Pro should be returned to Beta Industries for routine calibration, re-certification, and standard service.

            BetaFlex Pro Calibration Certification may also be purchased when you purchase your BetaFelx Pro.

            Included in the BetaFlex Pro Calibration Certification Procedure

            • A new 4-point calibration check plaque (good for 24 months / 2-years)

            • A "certificate of calibration" and sticker

            • Software and file updates on your instrument’s USB memory stick

            • *Cleaning, adjustment, and minor repairs are completed and brought back to factory specs

            • An optional service loaner is available.  Please contact us for pricing and availability.

            *If major repairs or replacement parts are needed we will let you know the cost before proceeding.



            The Betaflex Pro system operates at the highest resolution to provide the most accurate and consistent measurements. HD Flexo, stochastic screening, and all the most sophisticated prepress techniques can be measured and controlled with ease and accuracy.

            Revolutionary 3D imaging and DOT STRUCTURE Mode add topographical visualization to the conventional dot area halftone measurements.  Dot height, diameter, slope and more are visualized and automatically measured at 22,000 PPI. Surface enhancement techniques are easily seen and quantified.

            Operating in TRANSMISSION mode at 14,000 PPI, it quickly and accurately measures all types of transparent flexo sleeves.

            The new optional MICROMETER mode allows precise measurement of overall sleeve thickness and plate relief.  Interchangeably mounted on the same support as the imaging head, the electronic micrometer features one micron resolution, remote spindle lift, and automatic data collection.  When used in conjunction with the FlexoEyePlus data collection / report generator module, plate gauging data is automatically written into the same report as 2D halftone data and 3D dot structure data.

            All of this is combined with the high precision, ease of use, and Beta product support that has made Betaflex the standard of the industry for Flexo Quality Control.

            • Measure flexo plates and digital masks in conventional 2D mode

            • Supports sleeves up to 80 inches wide, 15.7 inches in diameter

            • Dot Structure Analysis in 3D mode reveals dot height, slope, and more

            Two versions are available;

            1) If you already own a BetaFlex Pro then simply add the adaptor system with your existing BetaFlex Pro sensor / measuring head 

            2) A complete BetaFlex Pro Sleeve Adaptor System including sensor / measuring head Includes all necessary hardware software to be up and running from the start. 



            Contact your local dealer or Beta Industries for more information. 

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            Contact us for the Betaflex Pro demonstration software


            All BetaFlex Pro purchases include a FREE BetaColor Viewer 3, a $439 value. The BetaColor Viewer 3 is the industry standard for critical CMYK color evaluation and is recognized by all segments of the industry with more than 20,000 units sold. View colors enhanced with LED's in high contrast. Yellow and other colors appear virtually black. 



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