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BetaFlex Pro Plate Analyzer - FlexiGage Digital Micrometer

by Beta Industries
Price $ 2,240.00

The FLEXIGAGE DIGITAL MICROMETER (1) for the BetaFlex Pro(1) measures plate gauge and relief of thermal, aqueous, solvent, and direct ablation plates.

Optionally, all FlexiGage Micrometer measurements can be added directly to BetaFlex Pro FlexoEyePlus Software to generate production reports and maintain your ongoing production database, and ISO compliance. 

See also FlexiGage 2 Digital Micrometer for the BetaFlex Pro2. , see also BetaFlex Pro2 Plate & Image Analyzer

Use your existing plate gauge table, or ours, with our convenient Digital Micrometers, to measure, record, and plot plate thickness.

The FlexiGage Digital Micrometer is easily mounted to the standard BetaFlex Pro System or to the XXL Long Arm Adapter System to measure gauge and relief to on plates as large as 60 inches / 1500 mm, or to the user's existing plate micrometer platform.

Not limited to flat plates, the BetaFlex Pro sensor can be mounted on the optional BetaFlex Pro - Sleeve Measuring System to measure translucent sleeves in 2D and 3D mode.  It can handle sleeves up to 80 inches / 2032 mm wide and 16.7 inches / 42.4 cm in diameter.  Measure sleeve gauge and relief with the FlexiGage Micrometer option mounted on the sleeve adapter for total Quality Control. 

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