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Techkon SpectroDens PREMIUM

by Techkon
Price $ 9,400.00

Spectrophotometer, Colorimeter, Densitometer in One

Includes a FREE Betamag 12X Wide Field Magnifier with Dual LED's - a $109 Value

A combination instrument that delivers the sophisticated spectral functions for color analysis and formulation, colorimetric tools for color management and acceptance, and familiar densitometer operations for press room use.

SpectroDens has application from pre-press to print. Whether for verifying proofs, quality control at the press, incoming paper inspection, or in a color lab, SpectroDens fits the bill and the budget.
Practical Advantages:

  • Easy target positioning
  • Handy and compact design
  • Large, high-resolution display screen
  • Automatic function selection and display
  • User-selectable, push button polarization
  • Quick measurement cycle (approx. 1 sec.)
  • 10,000 measurements per battery charge
  • Quick recharge on convenient charging/calibration console 

It combines the inherent accuracy of a spectophotometer and the ease-of-use of a densitometer.   The USB dataport and included Windows software clearly displays measurement data on the computer screen.


  • Automatic measurement
  • CMYK Density 
  • Dot area and dot gain
  • Gray and color balance
  • Ink trapping efficiency
  • Print contrast
  • Spectral density for spot colors
  • Characteristic printing curve
  • Slur/doubling calculation
  • Density spectrum
  • CIE Lab, dEab, XYZ, color circle
  • CIE LChab, xyY, Luv, LCHuv, DIN Lab99
  • dE94, dE2000, dE99, dEcmc, dEuv
  • Metamermism index
  • Whiteness, yellowness
  • Color library
  • Pass-/fail tolerance, average

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