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Techkon SpectroDens ADVANCED

by Techkon
Price $ 7,700.00

Colorimetry and Density for QC and Press

Includes a FREE Betamag 12X Wide Field Magnifier with Dual LED's - a $109 Value

SpectroDens has application from pre-press to print. Whether for verifying proofs, quality control at the press, incoming paper inspection, or in a color lab, SpectroDens fits the bill and the budget.

Practical Advantages:

  • Easy target positioning
  • Handy and compact design
  • Large, high-resolution display screen
  • Automatic function selection and display
  • User-selectable, push button polarization
  • Quick measurement cycle (approx. 1 sec.)
  • 10,000 measurements per battery charge
  • Quick recharge on convenient charging/calibration console
  • Code-upgradeable to PREMIUM version

It combines the inherent accuracy of a spectophotometer and the ease-of-use of a densitometer.   The USB dataport and included Windows software clearly displays measurement data on the computer screen.



  • Automatic measurement
  • CMYK Density 
  • Dot area and dot gain
  • Gray and color balance
  • Ink trapping efficiency
  • Print contrast
  • Spectral density for spot colors
  • Characteristic printing curve
  • Slur/doubling calculation
  • Density spectrum
  • CIE Lab, dEab, XYZ, color circle
  • Color library

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