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Beta Products and Brochures at a Glance

Beta Products, Price Lists and Brochures at a Glance


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BetaFlex Pro2 Flexo Plate & Image Analyzer, BetaFlex HR (High Resolution), BetaFlex XPress

BetaFlex Pro2 Home Page 

BetaFlex Pro2 Flexo Plate & Image Analyzer (pdf)

Betaflex Pro Options & Accessories Home Page

Betaflex HR & Betaflex XPress

BetaFlex HR / High Resolution micro-structure analysis and proofing (Home Page)

Betaflex HR (pdf)

Betaflex XPress - Transmission measurement ONLY of standard flexo plates (Home Page)

Coaxial Scopes Home Page


Beta Precision Digital Electronic Ruler 

Exact measurement of materials and stretch. FOR ANY MEDIUM OR SURFACE where precise, repeatable measurement is critical.

Beta Precision Digital Electronic Ruler (Home Page) 

Beta Precision Digital Electronic Ruler (pdf) 


BetaColor LED Densitometers & Spectro-Densitometers 

BetaColor LED Densitometers & Spectro-Densitometers (Home Page)

BetaColor Presto (entry level, most affordable)(Home Page) (pdf)

BetaColor Presto Delta E (includes the above Presto features plus Delta E 2000) (Home Page) (pdf)

BetaColor Presto Spectro - Densitometer (Home Page)  (pdf) The Most economical spectro available, includes density, dot gain, gray balance, Lab, Lch, SCTV, & More 

Beta Fluo - UV Invisible Ink Densitometers for Brand Protection and Security Printing (Unique Product) (Home Page) (pdf) 

Beta Fluo (BASIC) - Measure Near (365 nm) ink analysis (go to page) 

Beta Fluo (Advanced) - Measure Near (365 nm and Far (254) ink analysis (go to page) 


Beta Optics - Microscopes, Loupes, & Magnifiers (go to home page)

Including the Betamag 12x with Dual LED's, BetaColor Viewers in various magnifications, Peak Microscopes, Pen Microscopes, and all the various loupes, magnifiers, and microscopes from Beta. 


BetaFold Crease & Fold Analyzers (go to home page)

Folding Carton Analysis for Creasing and Scoring

BetaFold Crease & Fold Analyzers (pdf)

BetaFold (BASIC) Measure, Analyze & Correct All Crease Parameters via BetaFold Software                       

BetaFold (ADVANCED) Extended database, uploadable box images & more

BetaCorr Corrugated Analyzer (go to page)

Measure and correct production issues for high end/high value corrugated packaging; POP Displays, apparel, wine, consumer, gift packaging, and electronics boxes, and more.

BetaCorr Corrugated Analyzer (pdf)

IHARA QIP Gloss Meters 

IHARA T5 Plus Transmission Densitometer


    The Ihara T5 Plus is a black and white transmission densitometer with a built in mini light table that allows for accurate positioning.  Measure Density, Positive Dot Area %, Negative Dot Area %, and Transmittance. (go to page) 

  • Download pdf



Breye - Braille Dot Analyzer  (go to page)

Breye - Braille Dot Analyzer (pdf)

High accuracy, non-contact measurement before and after gluing. Affordable, pocket sized, and easy to use. 






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