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BETA FLUO BASIC / Invisible UV Ink Densitometer / Colorimeter Measure Fluorescent UV Ink Density & Other Print Production Parameters for Better Process Control

by Beta Screen Corporation
Price $ 4,350.00

FLUO BASIC / Fluorescent UV Ink Measuring


FLUO Basic is the ideal process control device on the production floor and complement to QC lab equipment. 

The rugged and portable instrument is easy to use when a production sample needs to be compared to an OK sheet. 

The 365nm UV source illuminates the print sample, causing the flourescent material to glow with a visible color.  Both the relative INTENSITY of the glow and the RGB COLOR of the sample are compared to the OK sample and the difference is displayed on the large-digit LCD panel.

Problems with ink film thickness, inkjet failure, screen clogging, and pigment load of the ink can cause a change in visible glow.  The INTENSITY Mode is selected on the FLUO Basic and the OK sheet is measured and set as 100%.  The sample will display a positive or negative value, indicating over-inking or under-inking, respectively.  Over-inking wastes expensive materials while under-inking will cause difficulty reading or verifying the piece.

Anti-counterfeiting strength is enhanced when the exact COLOR of the fluorescence is controlled in addition to the intensity.  The FLUO Basic COLOR Mode is selected and the OK sheet is measured.  The dominant color is automatically displayed and set to 100%.  The signal strength of all RGB channels can be seen by scrolling through the display.  Differences in fluorescent color due to formulation or mixing errors in the ink kitchen are easily detected.

Counterfeit articles may have a fluorescent mark applied but an exact color match to the genuine article is often beyond the capabilities of the perpetrators.


Additional usability and convenience features include the following;

 - User-selectable sample count and averaging to compensate for sample variability

 - Operator UV exposure prevention safety system

 - Simple 3 button user interface

 - Two AA alkaline batteries deliver over 50,000 measurements, no charger required

 - Stable reference and calibration check plaque included with fitted case





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