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BETA DIGITAL ELECTRONIC RULER - Exact Measurement of Materials & Stretch

by Beta Industries
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The Beta Digital Electronic Ruler Allows Precise, Non-Contact Measurements of Large and Small Distances, Exact Measurement of Materials and Stretch. 


The Beta Precision Electronic Ruler allows precise, non-contact measurements of large and small distances on images and work pieces of all sizes including films, plates, dies, and prints. 

A 50x microscope attached to a digital display traverses the area to be measured on a rugged steel beam.  The operator can select inch or metric measurements with a resolution of 0.0005” or 0.01mm, respectively. 

For distances over 0.060” the operator places the microscope cross hair over the start of the sample and zeros the digital display.  The slide assembly is then moved to the opposite end of the sample and the fine-motion thumb roller is then used to place the cross hairs over the end of the sample.  The digital display shows the exact distance moved.

Line widths, hole diameters, bar code elements, image register error, and any feature that fits within the field of view of the microscope can be measured directly on the microscope eyepiece scale.  Inch or metric reticles can be specified when the unit is ordered.

Rubber feet rest solidly on the work surface and support the microscope and slide above the sample.  When very large samples need to be measured the feet can be placed directly on the film or workpiece without damage.

  • Non-contact measurements

  • Measures films, plates, dies, and prints

  • Magnification: 50x (standard) optional: 25x, 75x, 100x available

Typical industries and applications include;

 - Graphics for print dimensions and register

 - Platemaking for image geometry and feature size

 - Web printing for print length distortion

 - Diecutting for alignment and re-knifing

 - Printed circuit board imaging, trace width, hole diameter

 - Metal etch and decoration verification

 The accuracy of the ruler is dependent upon the range of the device as shown below:

 Range (Inch/MM) Tolerance (Inch) (MM)
16 inch / 400 mm +/-0.002 +/-0.05
24 inch / 600 mm +/-0.003 +/-0.08
30 inch / 750 mm +/-0.004 +/-0.10
40 inch / 1000 mm +/-0.005 +/-0.12
60 inch / 1500 mm +/-0.006 +/-0.14
80 inch / 2000 mm +/-0.008 +/-0.20


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When greater precision and repeatability are desired, as well as the ability to capture images and measurement data, see our Video Rulers as well.

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