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Betaflex Micrometer Table with FlexiGage Database Software: Affordable, Easy-to-Fit & Retro-Fit. Measure Flexo Plates as Large as 60" / 1524 mm

by Beta Screen Corporation
Price $ 5,100.00

The New Betaflex Micrometer Table - Measure & Document (with FlexiGage Software) Plate Depth & Relief


The "Instant" & Economical Micrometer Table. Save Time, Money, & Resources. 


Easy-to-Conveniently-Fit and Retro-Fit


Micrometer Table With High Resolution Micrometer & Optional FlexiGage Database Software


The Betaflex Micrometer Table with FlexiGage Database Software, affordable micrometer table easily set up in minutes. 

An economical solution that weighs less than 45 lbs. 

Measure & Document Plate Depth & Relief withFlexiGage Software. FlexiGage Micrometer Software is the optional database and report generation software to maintain an active database of plates measured, customers, and more. 

  • Easily and quickly installed

  • Portable and Affordable

  • Solid Stainless Steel Build

  • Optional FlexiGage Micrometer Database Software with report generation for internal and external documentation 

flexographic plate micrometer measuring table

Measure Plates as Large as 60” / 152.4 cm

Save Time, Money & Space


The Betaflex Micrometer Table is mounted into a cutout in the work table surface or between the edges of two tables and can be assembled in minutes.

Made from solid steel and weighing less than 50 lbs. / 22.68 kg, the Betaflex Micrometer is easy to install and requires no special skills or surface preparation.  

Brochure Betaflex Micrometer Table With FlexiGage Software


Betaflex Micrómetro Mesa Brochure (Span)


Easy Installation in Minutes! 

The curved portion of the support arm extends 5 ½ inches / 13.97 cm past the rear edge of the base.  Please note this space requirement before setting the unit into final position.  

The 8 inches / 20.32 cm, width shown here includes clearance for the heads of fasteners not visible in this illustration. 


Betaflex Micrometer Table mounted between two tables without micrometer mounted between two free-standing tables. An alternative mounting arrangement can be made by cutting a recess into an existing table or building up the work surface on either side.

Screw slots are drilled into the flanges to more securely mount to countersink the device. 


Two Micrometer Options:

FlexiGage Micrometer 1: Resolution: 0.00005” - 0.001 mm

FlexiGage Micrometer 2: Resolution: 0.0005” - 0.01 mm

Measuring Force: 065N - 0.90N

Optional FlexiGage Database Software 

Measure and Document Your Plate Measurements

Once a database is created, reports are then stored to the database. The operator can create a database per month, per customer, or with any criteria required. 

The Database key on the main screen gives access to the database window.

The database can now be filtered by “Plate Name” and by “Plate Identifier”

(or unfiltered). Clicking the Graph will draw the box plot, whereby the blue boxes represent the thickness measurements, the subsequent green boxes are for relief measurements. 


Shipping Dimensions: 48”x12”x10”/124 cm x 33 cm x 20 cm

Shipping Weight: 46 lbs./20 kg, Actual: 40 lbs./18.14 kg

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