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Micro Dottie 3 - CMYK Color Separation USB Video Microscope 500X Enlargement

by Beta Industries
Price $ 250.00

The Beta Micro Dottie 3 is a hand held, USB adjustable focus video microscope operating at 40x and 1000x that also provides CMYK color separation and enhancement to contrast any process color for quick verification. With the special CMYK Software, yellow is magnified and contrasted to appear almost black, also see our BetaColor Viewer 3.  

Excellent for viewing and documenting (image image), all common printing issues such as print registration, slur, doubling, ink to water balance, and much more. 

The CMYK Software for quick separation and CMYK contrasting, allows difficult colors to view such as yellow, to appear almost black, in extremely high contrast. Ink coverage can also be determined.  

The included multi-link stand makes it easy to focus and position the camera on flat or 3D samples. 

The Windows software allows you to easily capture and annotate images for analysis.  A calibration gauge and software utility make it easy to take precise measurements on the images. Additional software functions include the ability to overlay annotations on the images as well as saving them to a file. 

Eight white LEDs surround the lens providing shadow-free illumination.  They can be dimmed from 0% to 100% brightness with the convenient control on the USB cable. 


  • 40x and  1000x magnification

  • CMYK Color Separation and Contrast Enhancement

  • Ink Coverage determination

  • Video Micrometer and Protractor overlays

  • Image capture and save in .JPG, .BMP, .PNG, and .TIF formats

  • Direct export to MS Word and MS Excel

  • Excellent tool for demonstration and training

  • 4.5 inches high, 1.25 inch diameter



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