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Betamag 12X With Powerful Dual LED's, Wide Field, Distortion Free, Color Correct Magnifiers (Metal & Glass)

by Beta Industries SALE
Price $ 119.00

Our Most Popular & Best Selling Magnifier - The Distortion Free Betamag 12X, Extra Wide Field Magnifier, High Quality Metal and Glass Construction

Combined With Powerful Custom Designed Dual LED'S! 

Excellent for close-in or spot inspection for; printing, jewelry, coins, textiles, electronics, and any application where high quality, close-in inspection is important. 


The Betamag 12X With Dual LED's combines powerful dual LED's with our well known, wide field, color correct, distortion free Betamag 12X magnifier to flood the print or any sample with brilliant white light, eliminating shadows for a perfectly well lit distortion free image every time.


Crystal clear, distortion free viewing and powerful LED illumination makes viewing print or any other sample a pleasure.


A printing industry standard, it can be used wherever close-up quality inspection is critical; TEXTILES, EMBROIDERY, STAMPS, ELECTRONICS & MUCH MORE!


  • Large, Color Correct, Four element Distortion Free lens Composite

  • Adjust the lens for your vision and see the same crystal clear image regardless of where you stand in relation to the magnifier

  • Brilliant bright light from dual LED's

  • Easy to use and ergonomic

      This item comes complete with the Betamag 12x; Four All Glass, Color Correct, Scratch Resistant Lenses for Superior, Distortion Free Viewing and the Powerful Beta Dual LED illuminator. 


      • Field of View  -  5/16 inch / 7.9375 mm
      • Four All Glass, Color Correct, Scratch resistant Lenses for Superior, Distortion Free Viewing
      • Threaded lens barrel and locking ring barrel for adjustable focus
      • The Betamag 12X Dual LED's Come with Its Own Batteries, no need to purchase batteries separately


        The Betamag 12X Wide Field Magnifier - Three All Glass, Color Corrected, Scratch Resistant Lenses for Superior, Distortion Free Viewing. 

        Forensic document examiners, philatelists, and numismatists will find the Betamag 12X Wide Field Magnifier with the LED illuminator to be a valuable tool in the pursuit of their professional activities.  Amateur stamp collectors and coin enthusiasts will enjoy a better view of their favorite specimens with the clear field of view and brilliant illumination of the Betamag 12 and LED illuminator.


        Every activity requiring high visual acuity and undistorted color rendering will be more productive and enjoyable with the Betamag 12x with Dual LED's!

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        PURCHASE THE BETAMAG 12X LED'S SEPARATELY if you already own a Betamag 12X. 

        Please note that it does NOT fit the Betamag 10x or Betamag 20x units. 

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        Click here to purchase the standard BETAMAG 12X WITHOUT LED's. 

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