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BetaFlex Pro2 $1,000 Trade-In - Trade-Up / $500 Discount (Without Trade-In)

by Beta Screen Corporation
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BetaFlex Pro2 Plate & Image Analyzer Trade-In/Trade-Up Through December 31st, 2024.


Upgrade your older BetaFlex, or other Flexo Analyzer, to the current State-of-the-Art in Flexo Control and Measurement. 

Beta Industries is offering a $1,000 Trade-In / Trade-Up for your older Betaflex (330,334,335, Betaflex Pro1 or other flexo analyzer) or $500 Discount without Trade-In. Click here for details


The BetaFlex Pro2 is the long time industry standard for flexographic plate and image analysis with a well established history of 25+ years of support and service to our customers. 


Included at no extra cost is Beta's well known BetaColor Viewer 3, hand held image color separation with magnification, "See Yellow as Clearly as BLACK!", a $515 value. 


Contact us for more details or to discuss this offer. 


Betaflex Pro2 Brochure (English)

BetaFlex Pro2 Brochure (Spanish)



The BetaFlex Pro2 - Improvements, Feature / Benefits

  • The BetaFlex Pro2 now includes 4-different focus levels to obtain even sharper images inside the plate down to the plate floor

  • New electronics and microprocessor technology, field upgradable Firmware, new LED technology with more powerful illumination

  • New reflection illumination, including RGB illumination from two sides and IR illumination for black ink separation

  • New transmission LED’s, controlled by the microprocessor improving inter-instrument agreement


As always The NEW BetaFlex Pro2 Offers Better, More Cost Effective Flexographic analysis From Superior Image Analysis for Better, More Profitable Product in One Affordable, Simple and Easy-To-Use Device. 

TO TRADE-IN AN OLDER BETAFLEX Simply Send Us The Following Parts 
Betaflex (Vipflex) Camera Assembly, see instructions below.
OR ship the entire unit to us, freight prepaid. 

To remove the camera assembly from your retired Betaflex (Vipflex) remove the two Phillips head screws near the front of the measuring arm. They are visible on Betaflex 333/334/335 (Vipflex 1 or 2) and under the rectangular label on older devices. Remove the one screw near the back of the arm. Lift the rear part of the cover off the arm.  There may be a spring clip holding it in place, just lift firmly.  Cut the thin cable with four wires going to the camera assembly. Lift the camera assembly straight up out of the arm. There are two spring clips that will easily move out of the way. 

Send the camera w/ your contact information  and the serial number of the retired Betaflex to Beta Industries at the address below.


TO TRADE-IN ANOTHER MANUFACTURER’S FLEXO ANALYZER UNIT the unit must be sent to Beta, freight prepaid for the $1,000 credit to be applied.
Terms: Betaflex Trade-In program:

All returned parts for Trade In from earlier Betaflexes or return of other Flexo Analyzers have no cash value.  A $1,000 credit for Trade-in will be applied to the invoice amount of new your BetaFlex Pro2.  

SHIP TO: Beta Industries, 707 Commercial Ave., Carlstadt, NJ 07072, 
Attn: Service Department /Trade-In, Tel: 201-939-2400 / 800-272-7336

Only one credit / Trade-In may be applied to the purchase of one BetaFlex Pro2.  

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