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BetaFlex Pro XXL Long Arm Adapter or Long Arm System

by Beta Industries
Price $ 4,600.00

Download Brochure of XXL Long Arm Adapter

The BetaFlex PRO XXL Long Arm Adapter replaces the folding case and light source of the standard device. The BetaFlex Pro sensor (measuring head) is mounted on the end of the Adapter arm allowing measurement in the center of flexo plates as large as 60 inches (1500 mm).

The BetaFlex Pro XXL Long Arm Adapter has an extended table with a built in transmission light source and a support arm to carry the sensor for measurements 30 inches (750 mm) in from the edge of the plate, mask, or film.

The extended table is intended to be mounted within or between two work surfaces to give the operator a convenient flush working area.  

As with the standard device, the XXL support arm can also carry the FlexiGauge Micrometer to allow plate thickness and relief to be measured in the same work area as halftone properties.

Also available as a complete BetaFlex Pro XXL Long Arm System which includes the measuring head (sensor). 


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