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BetaFlex Pro Workflow Automation / QR Code Relational Database for BetaFlex Pro (Coming Soon)

by Beta Screen Corporation
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BetaFlex Pro Workflow Automation (BetaFlex Pro Version 6 software. Scheduled release date: January, 2022)

The NEW BetaFlex Pro WorkFlow Automation utilizes a micro QR Code and full relational database to track the photopolymer sheet through imaging, processing, and printing.

Working in conjunction with the ESKO Automation Engine the QR code is automatically generated and imaged on the mask. Processing parameters are then automatically set when the code is read at the plate processor. This eliminates the possibility of operator error when keying in the plate exposure and processing settings.

The micro QR Code on the processed plate is automatically recognized by the new BetaFlex Pro software, setting the measurement parameters, recording the measured results of dot area, dot structure, plate thickness, and relief. Errors in configuration of the Betaflex PRO due to operator error are now eliminated. 

A report is generated and written to the database, linking the plate measurements with the customer and job.

When the plate is mounted and printed, the micro QR Code can then be measured on the finished product, closing the loop on the process.



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