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BetaColor Densitometer & Spectro-Densitometer Calibration Certification

by Beta Screen Corporation
Price $ 450.00

For your internal and ISO quality assurance requirements, send your BetaColor Densitometer & Spectro Densitometer back to us for calibration certification. 


When originally purchased, all BetaColor Densitometer & Spectro Densitometers come with a calibration card, see above image, that is dated for approximately 2-years from the time of manufacture after which time it is recommended to send your unit back to Beta for factory certified calibration certification. 


*For calibration certification of your densitometer / spectrodensitometer please send your unit back to us at:
Beta Industries
707 Commercial Ave.,
Carlstadt, NJ, 07072, USA 
Tel: 201-939-2400 / 800-272-7336 (toll free)


*Please wait for RMA before shipping back to us. 
- New certificate of calibration (2-years)
- New calibration card
- Cleaning of your unit
Cost: *$450.00 usd
*Does not include shipping


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707 Commercial Ave. Carlstadt, NJ 07072 United States 800-272-7336

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