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by Beta Industries
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Beta Micron Meter

This digital micrometer is unique with its ONE MICRON RESOLUTION.  The six digit LCD clearly shows the critical difference in thickness of plastic films, paper, and other substrates for differences as small as 40 millionths of an inch. 

A printer buys extruded plastic stock by the pound but sells the printed work  by the foot or the piece.  If the plastic extruder is a little careless and runs your 40 micron film a little heavy at 42 microns thick, you will get the 1000 pounds that you ordered.  The problem is that you will be 5% short on your web length.  By measuring the precise thickness of the film with Beta micrometers, you can avoid this schedule-killing problem.


  • Disk anvils avoid crushing soft samples
  • Non-rotating anvil avoids scuffing delicate samples
  • Frictioin thimble helps assure consistent measurements
  • INCH/METRIC conversion at the push of a button
  • Long battery life and automatic shut-off


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