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Coaxial Microscopes for Anilox Roll Inspection

by Beta Industries
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Beta Coaxial Microscope - For Anilox Roll & Gravure Cylinder Inspection 

Coaxial illumination renders common objects in a completely different way.  Surface texture and differences in gloss are strongly emphasized while the usual properties of color and darkness are barely visible.  This unique property makes the Coaxial Microscope the best instrument for examining anilox roll cell structure, surface finish on metal rollers, varnish on printed work, and many other print related materials.

The objective lens of the microscope serves two functions in this device.  It forms the highly magnified image that is further enlarged by the eyepiece and also serves to focus the illumination source onto the object.  The light is directed and focused in a pattern that is precisely perpendicular to the sample surface.  What you see through the eyepiece is the difference in the directly reflected light due to differences in gloss or angle of the sample.

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This is very different than all other magnifiers and microscopes that place the light source off to the side and to go to great lengths to avoid direct reflections.  None of them render the engraved structure of anilox cells as clearly as the Beta Coaxial Microscope.  It is available in three magnifications to suit your needs. 

100x is useful for coarse engravings and general inspection of metallic surfaces

200x shows the uniformity of clear coatings and primers as well as details of hot stamped films and holographic foils

400x is the most widely used magnification for critical examination of fine anilox cell structures, determination of cleaning efficiency, and laser-ablation metal plates 


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