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Magnifiers, Microscopes, Linen Testers, BetaColor Viewers

Beta's industry standard magnifiers includes everything from basic entry level, affordable loupes to higher end Peak Microscopes and our BetaColor Viewers, including our well know industry standard Betamag 12X Flat Field, 3-Element Color Corrected magnifier with Dual LED's. 

Our Linen Testers, LT-2, LT-3, LT-5, LT-8, folding Loupes are made from high quality metal and glass, all are two element glass lenses, for superior viewing and durability in any demanding environment.  

Our well known BetaColor Viewers' from 10X - 100X in either inch or metric,  illuminate all process colors with in high contrast color to separate any color in the CMYK mix, including yellow which will appear almost black. 

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