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LT-8X Glass and Metal Magnifier

by Beta Industries
Price $ 20.00

8x Linen Tester

The LT-8X magnifier is a convenient linen tester style. The sturdy metal frame folds flat for storage and opens to hold the two element glass lens in proper alignment to the base. The beveled edge of the metal frame is marked with eighth-inch gradations to help gauge object size.

This is a very compact magnifier, folding to only 3/8" thick.  If you use one in your work, this is the most convenient one to have in your pocket.  Keep your Betamag 12 on your desk, on the press console, or in the viewing booth, but don't leave home without this handy item.

  • Field of view is 1/2 inch
  • Lens diameter is 1/2 inch
  • Lens type is double plano-convex glass
  • Overall height is 1 3/8 inches

Perfect for critical examination of print quality, register, ink and substrate defects.  WIdely used by philatelists, numismatists, as well as stamp and coin collectors.  Makes bugs look bigger, tiny parts more visible, and all little things easier to see.  The base of the frame is screen printed in white with our company name.  Please contact us about having these customized for your staff or your customers.


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