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PQF Calibration Plaque Replacement (Out of Production)

by Beta Industries
Price $ 240.00

Betaflex PQF Calibration Plaque

This plaque is highly stable and durable over its certified two year life.  If yours is past its expiration date, or shows signs of wear or damage order a replacement.  The chrome-on-glass images are generated with the same type of equipment used to produce masks for the microchip industry.  A bad day in the microelectronics industry is still better than a good day in the Graphic Arts.  These calibration devices are very tightly controlled and very precise in their halftone values.  More importantly, they are all identical so any Betaflex device that reads one of them correctly will read all of them correctly.

This device is sold under the Vipflex name in certain parts of the world.

  • Synthetic halftone dots of essentially infinite resolution
  • Perfectly round dots on precisely located centers  create synthetic halftones

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