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FLUOcol - Graphical Software for FLUO Invisible Ink Densitometer

by Beta Screen Corporation
Price $ 2,800.00

The FLUOcol Windows software option works with all models of the BetaFLUO Invisible Ink Densitometer.  It features automatic data collection, analysis, and color graphical display of intensity and colorimetry.

A  tabular display gives the operator a quick color preview of the sample's fluorescent color as well as the tristimulus values for both near and far UV illumination.  Color difference and Intensity difference values are also automatically calculated and displayed in the table.

Large color-accurate swatches of the current sample  are also displayed a adjacent to the stored Reference colors for visual comparison.

Two-dimensional color maps and with a linear Brightness slider complement the graphical display.  Formatted PDF reports can be generated as well as CSV data exports.

A temporary license can be purchased on a USB dongle for testing and evaluation.  If you decide not to keep the software you may return the dongle for a full credit.

If you choose to keep the software a permanent license key will be sent to you upon return of the dongle.  The permanent software key has the additional advantage that it can be used in multiple software installations with the same FLUO device.


All 10 day trials must be specified when the order is placed.

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