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BETA FLUO - Invisible UV Ink Densitometer / Colorimeter

by Beta Screen Corporation
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BETACOLOR FLUO – Makes Invisible Ink Quality Visible & Measurable

The Invisible UV Ink Densitometer,  Protecting Your Brand While Improving Your Print Quality

- Fluorescence Colorimeter ("Basic" model)

- Fluorescence & Phosphorescence Colorimeter ("Advanced" model)  





Today’s global market is rife with risks of product tampering, diversion, and black markets, leading to billions in lost revenue every year. A manufacturer’s retail product is the first and often only opportunity to convey their message of quality and build the customer’s confidence in the brand.

Protecting the integrity of the brand requires a two-pronged approach; an overt and easily understood device such as a tamper-evident seal to let the customer know that the product has not been adulterated, and a covert, technically sophisticated system to allow supply chain partners to verify the authenticity of the product.

Many technologies exist to protect your labels, packaging, and products from the threats of counterfeiting. Optical, mechanical, and electronic systems offer varying degrees of protection at various price points.

When the product is the printed piece itself, such as currency and security printing, “invisible ink” systems offer many advantages. Colorless fluorescent inks are undetectable by the user and cannot be copied. With the proper tools, the image from the invisible ink appears, allowing the article to be verified as authentic, defeating counterfeiting and substitution of your product.

These specialized inks are created to respond to UV (ultraviolet) light of certain wavelengths, glowing red, green, or blue depending on the composition of the fluorescent pigments. 

The use of this technology does not require an upgrade to existing printing press or plate systems. The brand protection elements are printed using these colorless UV fluorescent inks. It is now widely understood that high quality print production requires control of solid ink density, dot gain, and ink shade. Conventional densitometers and colorimeters are used to implement these Quality Control procedures with conventional inks to adjust and control the visual appearance of the printed piece.

Printing with “invisible ink” presents a different sort of problem, now solved with the Beta FLUO Invisible ink Densitometer.

Equipped with a 365nm, near UV, ("BASIC" MODEL) light source, this rugged, easy-to-use instrument is ideally suited for use in the press room and in the QC lab. The device is calibrated to the substrate and target fluorescence at the beginning of the press run. Inking is adjusted during the press run to maintain consistent fluorescence in the same manner that normal colors are monitored and controlled. Target fidelity and brand protection are now optimized.

Two control modes are available with the FLUO;

  1. INTENSITY Control measures the overall intensity of the fluorescence
  2. COLOR Control measures the visual color effect of the fluorescence

(1) Controlling the intensity of the fluorescent signal is analogous to controlling the density or ink film thickness of a conventional color on press. The REFERENCE value is set to zero at the start of the press run. Positive numbers on the current sample indicate a higher level of fluorescence than the REFERENCE, a negative number indicate level lower than what is required.

(2) Controlling the color of the fluorescence is comparable to gray balance control with conventional inks. Overprints or specially formulated multi-pigment inks can be used to create special color effects. The FLUO operates as a colorimeter, giving true color appearance information, rather than a densitometer, giving only ink film thickness information.

FLUO Color Mode operates like the human eye, measuring true color appearance.  



THE NEW BETA BETA FLUO ADVANCED Fluorescence and Phosphorescence Colorimeter and FLUO ADVANCED CONNECT SOFTWARE brings sophisticated analysis to the production floor and you’re your Quality Control procedure.


Manufacturers of secure or high value documents and products now have a way to measure, control, and document their use of invisible fluorescent and phosphorescent inks, coatings, and materials.

  • Bank note printers, bank note substrate and ink suppliers
  • Security printers (passport, driving license, currency and tax documents)
  • Tickets and admission passes
  • Research laboratories

Whether applied by offset, inkjet, flexographic or any other process the critical parameters of the ink and finished product can now be easily and accurately measured.

 The Beta FLUO ADVANCED Fluorescence and Phosphorescence Colorimeter brings the benefits of process control to invisible UV fluorescent and phosphorescent ink printing systems. Measuring the intensity and colorimetry of fluorescent materials allows the operator to verify that the correct ink formulation is being applied at the proper ink film thickness.


  • Intensity and colorimetry under 256nm and 365nm illumination
  • Stored References of OK samples



Phosphorescent inks benefit from the same analytical procedures in addition to time-dependent charge and discharge characterization. 


  • Intensity and colorimetry under 256nm and 365nm illumination
  • OFF time, Exposure Time and Intensity, Fluorescence signal,  Decay  time, Phosphorescent signal and decay rate, Averaged reading, Illuminant ratios
  • Graphical display


The high resolution paper white display shows both the basic information needed by the press operator, optionally averaging multiple samples as well as plotting the complex time-dependent behavior of phosphorescent materials.

The handheld device is compact and portable with wireless IRDA data transfer to the included Windows software.  A UV Positioning LED allows the operator to accurately locate and measure invisible fluorescent marks. 

Ease-of-use features include low power consumption eliminating the need for frequent charging.  The high resolution paper white display guides the operator through setup, function selection, and data display.

Four conveniently located top-mounted buttons facilitate left- or right-handed operation while software-driven labels inform the operator of available options at each step.  Traceability of samples and data is assisted with a MARK function generated within the device, allowing the operator to uniquely identify each workpiece. 

UV fluorescent and phosphorescent inks can be used as part of a program;

  • Protect a product against criminal activities such as piracy, counterfeiting and black market diversion
  • FLUO brings the advantages of Process Control where none previously existed, measuring all the unique properties of fluorescent and phosphorescent materials
  • FLUO is used to prevent under-inking that might cause a read failure, prevent over-inking that wastes expensive ink
  • FLUO measures the exact intensity and color of the emitted signal, helping to detect formulation errors or counterfeiting
  • FLUO software collects the measurement data, generates color-accurate screen representations, and generates reports for documentation of the process

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