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Depth Measuring Microscope 150x

by Peak
Price $ 519.00

DMR 150x Microscope

This series of microscopes offer high quality images in a sturdy helical focusing frame.

DMR (depth measuring w/reticle) means you can not only use the reticle in the eyepiece to measure the length of sample features, but you can also use the calibrated vertical motion scale to measure differences in height or depth of the sample.

To make depth measurements, first focus on one extreme of the region of interest.  Note the position of the red index line relative to the scale on the focusing ring.  Adjust the focusing ring to bring the other extreme in the field of view into sharp focus.  Note the position of the index mark again.  Subtract the two numbers and you have the depth (or height) of the feature in tenths of a millimeter.



  • Smooth helical focusing with calibrated vertical motion keeps lens and scale stationary
  • Powerful pen-light illuminator
  • Sturdy metal body with transparent plastic base
  • Measuring reticle standard
  • Inch scale
  • Overall height:  8"
  • Field of view: 0.040in. or 0.96mm
  • Scale length: 0.035in. or 0.90mm
  • Minimum scale division: 0.0002in. or 0.005mm (five microns) 

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