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BetaFlex Pro Recalibration and Certification

by Beta Screen Corporation
Price $ 550.00

Keep Your BetaFlex Pro System in Top Operating Condition
and satisfy your ISO-registered workflow requirements with the Betaflex PRO Recalibration process.
Maintain the accuracy of your measurements, insure your software is up-to-date, and get your equipment serviced in as little as one day.

The BetaFlex Pro recalibration and recertification process
includes a new Calibration Check Plaque, a Certificate of Compliance, and an update to your device's configuration files.
The instrument is cleaned and calibrated, and minor repairs are done at no charge.
We will advise you before undertaking any major billable repairs.

If it is two years past the manufacture date on your Calibration Check Plaque you should arrange to send the instrument to us for this important service.
If your operation requires uninterrupted access to a Betaflex PRO system, we can provide a Service Loaner for the duration of the shipping and calibration process.

Details of the process are in the PDF, contact us if you have any questions.

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