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Beta BLINK Stroboscope

by Beta Screen Corporation
Price $ 785.00
Beta BLINK stroboscopes are powerful, portable, battery powered stroboscopes for all mechanical inspection and web processing needs.

This strobe is small enough to fit in a pocket and powerful enough to illuminate your work at speeds up to 2000 feet per minute, Beta Blink stroboscopes are the perfect portable inspection tool.

The rechargeable battery will power the unit for up to four hours, depending on usage and settings.
Flash duration as short as 10 microseconds freeze the action with a maximum of 100 microseconds duration.
Flash rates are easily adjustable from 300 to 50,000 flashes per minute.


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Two Models
When working with moving machinery, conventional inks, and any type of web, the Beta BLINK-V for VISIBLE applications with its brilliant white LED illumination is the ideal portable stroboscope.
With the increased need for anti-counterfeiting, high security, and covert techniques to protect high value documents and products, invisible  UV (ultraviolet) fluorescent inks are being used to authenticate products.
The Beta BLINK-I INVISIBLE ink stroboscope emits powerful, invisible near-UV illumination to stimulate the emission of visible colors from invisible UV fluorescent inks and tracers.


Flash rate range of 300 - 50,000 flashes per minute
Long-life, high reliability LED light engine
Safe, ozone-free operation, no dangerous high voltage
Easy push button operation and digital display
Internal battery can be recharged while in use


Dimensions: 5.8 x 3.5 x 1 inches (147 x 89 x 25mm)
Weight: 0.6 lbs (0.65kg)
Power: Internal rechargeable battery pack, AC charger
Controls: Power ON/OFF button, MODE button to change flash rate and flash duration
Displays: Flash rate digital display, External power indicator, Charging indicator
Warranty: Two years on manufacturing defects for parts and labor


Also see the Beta Fluo for complete control of your invisible, UV, or fluorescent ink process.



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