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X-Rite eXact "Advanced" Spectro-Densitometer

by Xrite
Price $ 7,570.00

X-Rite eXact™ Advanced - One Click to Color

Priced to Sell! 

Includes FREE Betamag 12X magnifier with dual LED illumination, a $109 Value. This is one of our best selling magnifiers and provides the user with crystal clear, image and color distortion free viewing.  

X-Rite eXact is a next generation handheld color measurement solution that takes into account the new business needs and dynamics of a global supply chain.  X-Rite eXact enables printers and packaging converters to truly understand, control and manage color across the entire color network, ensuring the utmost in color accuracy.  Contact Beta Screen Corporation today for more details on purchasing this great product!




  • Densitometry

  • DataCatcher

  • Security Settings

  • Colorimetry CIE L*a*b*, CIE  L*C*h°, dE Trend

  • CIE, XYZ, & Yxy

  • Opacity

  • Paper Indices

  • Metamerism

  • Absolute & Relative Color Strength

  • Printing Plate

  • Reflection Graph

  • Quality Control

  • Sample Storage

  • Multiple User Profiles

  • Security Settings

  • Pantone PMS+

  • Averaging

  • ISO 13655 M0 (No-Filter, UV included)

  • Measurement Conditions M1 (Daylight, D50)

  • M2 (UV Cutoff Filter, UV excluded)

  • M3 (Polarization Filter)***

  • ΔE Method dE*76, dE*94, dE*00, dE CMC

  • Density White Base Absolute, Paper

  • USB Bluetooth* (based on regions)

Available Options

  • ColorCert

  • eXact InkKeyControl

  • InkFormulation

  • NetProfiler

  • PantoneLIVE™ 

Software (Available Option)

  • eXact Manager

  • DataCatcher

Completely Customizable

eXact can be set up to position key elements in the order most likely to be needed by individual users, including press operators and operations managers, giving users instant access to the tools they need, often in a single click, via a color GUI.


With eXact's BestMatch function, press operators can more easily keep ink colors on target even before color shifts are visible.  From a single click, operators can see density information as well as recommendations for adjustment of ink to achieve the best match throughout the press run.

Fast and Easy

Use eXact to quickly measure and understand color and status relative to standards, allowing operators to manage and understand expectations at press, and know what is and is not achievable.

All-new eXact Color Bar Scanning Accessory

Coming soon the eXact Platform will have an accessory to accurately and smoothly read color bars on a variety of printed materials, such as packaging with mulitple color bars.  This accessory extends the sophisticated measuring system of eXact to a wide array of printing equipment, including other offset presses with no automated color controls.


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