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X-Rite 508 Pressroom Densitometer

by Xrite
Price $ 2,990.00

X-Rite Densitometer for Quality Control

An Affordable Solution For Basic 4-Color Quality Control: The X-Rite 508 Spectrodensitometer brings the newest color control technology to a device designed specifically for basic 4-color reproduction. Spectral technology gives the 508 unmatched performance in monitoring basic quality control for process color print jobs.The unit goes anywhere to quickly measure common density and dot functions.

The 508 Is Ideal For Basic Prepress Applications: It measures GATF proofing bars, QuarkXPress color bars, Ugra/Fogra color control elements and other quality control targets used during the prepress process.

The 508 Is Ideal For Newspapers: X-Rite includes specialized 4-color newsprint functions within the 508 to ensure color accuracy and consistency across press runs and over time. These include newsprint-specific density functions and gray balance. The 508 achieves precise color quality control with newsprint and inserts by simultaneously measuring the densities of cyan, magenta, and yellow in a special News mode. Simply measure a three-color gray bar, masthead, banner, weather map, or another color element. The 508 instantly informs you whether any of the colors need adjusting.

Product Features:

  •  Keep proofing and press runs consistent by impartially evaluating print quality
  •  Critical density and dot area evaluation of ink levels and ink-water balance on press
  •  Document density data to quantify press approvals and ensure multi-part jobs or customer reprints are up to color
  • Set references for dot gain and density to ensure customer and internal color requirements are met
  • Only X-Rite lets you select a measurement aperture - microspot 1.6 x 3.2mm, small 2.0mm, medium 3.4mm or large 6.0mm

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