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Betaflex Control Universal - Flexo Plate & Image Analyzer

Betaflex Control Universal is a portable, hand held, flexo plate and image analyzer for the analysis, of film, masks, elastomer (flexo) plates, and print analysis. 

Building on the success of the Betaflex series while adding new features, Betaflex Control Universal is a hand held device used in conjunction with the supplied transmission lightbox and the integral white LED reflection illumination.  It connects directly to the PC via USB 2.0 port and accommodates the largest samples with no limits on position or location. An ISO-compliant calibration system assures accurate and reliable measurements.  A user-friendly graphical interface for Windows XP, Windows 7, or Vista operating systems makes it easy to use and understand.


  •  A 1.3 megapixel color camera generates clear, sharp images of the plate or print with a field of view of 88 x 75 mils.  The large image area and high resolution simplify measurements of both extremely coarse and extremely fine halftone for corrugated, label, and wide web printers.
  •  Conventional (AM) and Stochastic (FM) and High Definition (HD) screening is measured over the entire tonal range for complete control of the reprographic process.
  •  Line width and other image analysis tools provide critical information necessary for maintaining the highest quality.

Images and data can be saved in a variety of formats, a great tool for quality control and verification. System performance and accuracy is maintained by the high-precision ISO-compliant glass calibration target and automatic software.

 A new data collection, analysis, and plotting function facilitates comparison of current plates to predefined standards. One-click statistical analysis and report generation creates professional looking reports for internal use or marketing purposes.

 Betaflex Control Universal is compact and portable with a fitted hardcase that protects the measuring instrument, light box, and ISO calibration plaque while traveling or moving through the plant.

A sleeve adaptor allows accurate positioning and measurement of sleeves up to 1.8 meters wide (71 inches).  The integral LED illuminator provides convenient illumination of the plate halftone dots. 

Unlimited plate size and type, high accuracy, repeatability with easy to use software, and economical pricing make Betaflex Control Universal a logical step in every plate department's goal for consistent and repeatable quality.

Contact your local dealer or Beta Industries for pricing, delivery, and training information.  This is one of several new Beta products that replace the Betaflex 335 PQF system.

Includes a FREE BetaColor Viewer 3, a $439 value. The BetaColor Viewer 3 is the industry standard for critical CMYK color evaluation and is recognized by all segments of the industry with more than 20,000 units sold. View colors enhanced with LED's in high contrast. Yellow and other colors appear virtually black.

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