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Measure and Control 0.5% Highlights at 300 lpi & Better 

Technology for Today's Flexo 


The BetaFlex Pro Offers Better, More Cost Effective Flexographic analysis From Superior Image Analysis for Better, More Profitable Product in One Affordable, Simple and Easy-To-Use Device. 


All the most sophisticated prepress techniques can be measured and controlled at the Highest Resolution with ease, accuracy, and consistency in one device for Better Flexo with Much Less Waste with the industry standard for plate production.


Your BetaFlex Pro Flexo Plate & Image Analyzer comes complete with all the hardware and software needed to be up and working as soon as you receive your unit. 


FREE TRAINING AND LIFETIME SUPPORT directly from Beta are included with your BetaFlex Pro purchase for the lifetime of your product, there is never a cost for any technical support.



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Download BetaFlex Pro Brochure 

Quick Start Installation Guide


  • Identification

  • Analysis 

  • System setup 

  • Reporting of all plate production parameters

Halftone target values and tolerances are stored in the system database and automatically checked for updates with every plate submitted for analysis. Dot structure, plate thickness and relief measurements are also written to the relational database.  

All contributing to a more profitable operation for better, more consistent production, reduced scrap, and a higher ROI.  



Options & Accessories Page Link


Today's BetaFlex Pro Flexo Plate & Image Analyzer, has various options to streamline your Flexo Image and Print Analysis for simplified integration and data collection in your production workflow.

Click the link above to go directly to the "Options & Accessories" page or click the specific links below to go to a specific accessory.










TESTIMONIALS FROM END-USERS (click here or scroll down) High value end-users include; SGS, WestRock, WS Packaging, Dart Container, Cyber Graphics, Graphic Packaging, Bemis Graphics, Kodak, Dupont, to name just a few.  


REVOLUTIONARY 3D IMAGING AND DOT STRUCTURE MODE FOR HD FLEXO adds topographical visualization to conventional dot area halftone measurements at 0.5%, 300 lpi and more. 

Dot height, diameter, slope and more are visualized and automatically measured at 22,000 PPI. Surface enhancement techniques are easily seen and quantified.

Producing the smallest dots on plate DOES NOT guarantee fine highlights. Smooth vignettes, and clean print, PRODUCING BETTER DOT SHAPES DOES. 

The BetaFlex Pro’s 3D Imaging and Dot Structure Index measures and illustrates the characteristics of the processed plate and highlight dots FOR YOU TO PRODUCE THE MOST ACCURATE AND REPEATABLE PLATES.   


Catch and correct badly structured highlight dots BEFORE the press run and the mounting of the plate.  


Language Options: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese 




  • HD Flexo 3D Dot Structure Analysis

  • High Resolution 2D Dot Area Analysis to 0.5 % and at 300 lpi and Better

  • Measure Transparent Flexo Plates, Direct Laser Engraved Plates, Letterpress Plates, Metal Backed Plates, Pad Prints Plates, Offset Plates                                                                          

  • Print Color Separation and Analysis from the "Live Matter", even without Targets

  • Film measurement, Laser Masks, Stain Density

  • Bar Code Analysis, Stochastic Screening

  • NEW! ThermoFlexx High Resolution Surface Screening Measurement





 Materials Measured 

  • Photopolymer Flexo Plates

  • Elastomer Letterpress Plates

  • Flexo Masks

  • Films

  • Print Materials

  • Offset Plates 

The BetaFlex Pro comes complete with all necessary hardware, software, and unlimited technical support.  FREE TRAINING INCLUDED

ALSO FREE Firmware/software updates for the lifetime of your BetaFlex Pro.  

The new high resolution system is portable and easy to use.  Operating in TRANSMISSION mode at 14,000 PPI, it quickly and accurately measures all types of transparent flexo plates, digital ablation masks, and halftone films. The new Mask Stain Density function eliminates the need to carry an old fashioned film densitometer to verify laser energy, focus, and beam adjustments.

In PRINT mode, "Color Separation Analysis" imaging of color prints on film and paper provides measurements of Dot Area, Screen Ruling, Edge Factor and more.  Excellent for work where there is no room for printed targets like cosmetic and pharmaceutical work.  Data and images are easily captured and printed with the integral report generator and statistical analyzer. Offset plates can also be measured. 

The Calibration Target and software system maintains a database of the instrument status to satisfy the most stringent ISO registration requirements.  All of this is combined with the high precision, ease of use, and Beta product support that has made Betaflex the standard for Flexo Quality Control.

The new automatic 4 point calibration system eliminates the need to make multiple manual measurements.

  • Measure flexo plates, films, and digital masks in conventional 2D mode (.5% at 300 lpi and better)

  • Dot Structure Analysis in 3D mode reveals dot height, slope, and more

  • Print mode measures true mechanical dot area on offset plates and prints

  • Automatic 4 point calibration system with ISO-compliant target 

  • Mask Stain density function for laser ablation setup

  • Image Overlay and Comparison function to visualize and measure dot changes




  •  Windows 7 32bit or 64bit
  • Windows 8.1 32bit or 64bit
  • Windows 10 32bit or 64bit (Recommended) 

  • 1280x780 minimum
  • 1280x1024 recommended

  • 2 x USB2.0 High Power (500mA) to connect the BetaFlex Pro gray and black cables
  • 1 x USB2.0 to connect RELIX (optional)
  • 1 x USB2.0 to connect a Mouse with 3 keys (left key and right key need to operate separately and in conjunction)
  • If a USB-HUB is used, this needs to be self-powered

  • Depending on Operating System 8GB or 16GB


• 1.3 MegaPixel mono camera
• USB powered (see USB-Interface above) • 1.7 microns/pixel


• Self-contained case: 6x8x15 inch / 15x20x38 cm.
• Weight 9.2 lbs. (4.2 kg.)
Shipping Weight: 13 lbs. (5.90 kg.)



      Download BetaFlex Pro Brochure in Spanish

      Download BetaFlex Pro Software




      TO LOAD IMAGES FOR ANALYSIS. After downloading, go to "File" then go to "Load" images for analysis, go to "File" then go to "Load Image" and select from any of the categories including "Dot Shape" (3D Analysis),  Color (Color images for analysis including "Color Separation" feature),  Image Comparison (ImgCompare), Reflection (Refl),  Transmission Analysis (Trans) standard 2D analysis of dot %, dot area, line ruling, etc. (Windows 7,8,10,XP compatible) 

      Go to BetaFlex Pro Options & Accessories Page

      Download BetaFlex Pro Options & Accessories

      Download PDF of the Betaflex Pro Power Point

      Download BetaFlex Pro Technical Documents

      Download All BetaFlex Pro Documents (.zip file)  

      Download Betaflex Pro Manual

      BetaFlex Pro Calibration Certification (24 Month / 2-Years)

      Contact your local dealer or Beta Industries for pricing, delivery, and training information. The BetaFlex Pro is also sold under the Flex3 PRO brand in Europe and Asia.

      This is one of several Beta products that replaces the Betaflex 334, Betaflex 335 PQF, and Vipflex systems.

      Contact us for the Free BetaFlex Pro Demonstration Software

      Contact us for more information



      The BetaColor Viewer 3 is the industry standard for critical CMYK color evaluation and is recognized by all segments of the industry with more than 20,000 units sold. View colors enhanced with LED's in high contrast. Yellow and other colors appear virtually black. 



      Betaflex HR - High Resolution for Micro-Structure Analysis provides an easy and accurate method to analyze flexo plate solid- and dot-surface Micro-structures at 43,000 ppi.  Micro-Structure patterns greatly improve ink transfer and dot fidelity, these patterns and textures are sensitive to variations in mask exposure and plate processing. They benefit from the same process control techniques provided by the BetaFlex Pro but require much higher magnification and resolution as provided by the BetaFlex HR.


      If you already own an older BetaFlex Pro, click here to see an available software update. 

      The new version 6 of the BetaFlex Pro Windows software offers several unique new functions including WS Advanced Surface Screening and HDRC (High Dynamic Range Capture)

      The most important new function is the ability to measure all variants of the WS advanced surface screening offered by Dupont and ESKO.  These high resolution patterns are applied to solid and halftone dots alike, improving ink transfer, reducing dot gain, and creating better solids with less mottle. 

      HDRC (High Dynamic Range Capture)

      in 3D Dot Shape Mode. This function captures multiple exposures of the same feature and then automatically selects the images that carry the greatest detail. A compound image is then created and displayed on screen that includes increased tonal image range.

      - This feature can be useful for technical experts to better SEE how adjustments to the various process parameters affect the finished product.

      - This feature is useful to SHOW prospective clients the benefits of Kodak NX imaging with a portable, laboratory grade instrument. 


      Keep Your System in Top Operating Condition and satisfy your ISO-registered workflow requirements with the BetaFlex Pro Recalibration process.
      Maintain the accuracy of your measurements, insure your software is up-to-date, and get your equipment serviced in as little as one day. Click Here. 

      About Beta's 10-Day Free Trial for this product, Click Here. 


      Betaflex Pro Testimonials From End-Users

      The BetaFlex Pro helps my team produce better work through live images and measurement data. 

      Its easy to use/learn; after a few uses operators have it down.  As a manager this device has helped us 'cut through the bias' during plate & print troubleshooting and kept the focus on the problem/solution.  You cannot put a price on that; after a few print/plate troubleshooting sessions it paid for itself.
      I have only contacted the Betaflex support team once or twice and they had an answer for me in less than 24hrs.
      I would recommend the Beta Pro to anyone producing flexo or letterpress plates as well as film negatives.  It also works well as a print analyzer. 
      When it comes to plates seeing is believing and measurement is king; BetaFlex Pro does both. We are very satisfied with the product.

      Steven Rice
      Dart Container

      As a QA tool it does help us “produce better work” by allowing our team to peer into our platemaking process to ensure that the final product is within the established ranges for each attribute that we measure.
      The customized settings for plate specific tolerances have been quite helpful. The foot pedal for the    controls also means more of a hands free operation that some operators find helpful.
      As plate technologies have evolved and process controls have become tighter, it has become very    important to have a dependable measurement tool that allows you to measure and understand what    is imaged on the mask and what is formed on the finished plate.           
      We have established a  good relationship with Beta. They have been willing to understand what we were trying to accomplish and have done a good job supporting our efforts via email, phone calls, and screen sharing support.
      If someone was looking for a tool to help them better understand their platemaking process and is willing to invest the time to setup the proper procedures, then we would certainly recommend the BetaFlex Pro.

      Tyler S. Mills
      Special Projects Manager  |  Cyber Graphics

      We have been using the BetaFlex Pro for approximately 3 years.
      We find it very helpful to assess the quality of our printed product and to refer to it to analyze and determine if adjustments are necessary at press side, or in pre-press.
      We also use it to review HD dots on our plates. There have been numerous occasions where the Betaflex PRO has saved us money at press side.
      I enjoy using the BetaFlex Pro and have found it to be a very valuable tool.

      Dina Russo
      Yerecic Label
      Pre-Press Manager 

      I have discovered a new solution for reading white ink mottle on PRINTED FOIL!
      This stunned the printer in 15 minutes as they have been searching for a way to do this for a long time. Ironically while I was there they were conducting white ink trials on foil and using only using visual pass/fail methods.
      I did this on my computer with my BetaFlex Pro in front of them. I could not have done any of this without the BetaFlex Pro. 

      David A Recchia | Application Development Sr.
      Printing Process Specialist
      Macdermid Printing








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